Post for Challenge #4

This post is for challenge #4 of the student blogging challenge.

Great blogs have many details, very accurate details. They entertain all (or almost all) people who visit their site. The blogger can easily communicate to those who visit their blog. I would put more things that would make people interested in my site and make it a better blog.  I, myself, am a blogger and I will continue to make my blog better so that one day, people from around the world will want to visit my blog everyday!

If you were to visit Nevada

This post is for challenge #3 of the student blogging challenge.

If you were to visit Nevada, you wouldn’t want to miss the Hoover Dam. It is an interesting landmark because as you can see, it generates electricity by using hydro-electric power. As you walk by the Hoover Dam you can also see a view of the Colorado River. And if you’ve seen the movie: Transformers, then this place may look a bit familiar!


Post for Challenge #1

This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge.

People all over the world should visit my blog because everyday you’ll discover something new. In this site, you’ll be able to find things that I find interesting such as Anime movies or Manga books. Even about sports or different types of music and maybe about games! We may even have things in common like the type of music we listen to and other interests. You can even visit to chat! So, that’s pretty much it. Have fun looking through my blog! =]